Holiday Ho Ho Hop

Welcome to the Bento Bloggers and Friends’ 2nd week of the Holiday Ho-Ho Hop!

Santa is made entirely out of rice, and I’ve actually used the long grain rice we usually have at meals instead of the short grain rice which is favored for making onigiri and sushi. The kids somehow aren’t too fond of the short grain rice which is a lot more sticky than long grain rice, so I cheated by using a silicone mould to help Santa retain his shape. His face and hat are made of rice coloured pale yellow and red respectively using deco-furi, and his beard using plain rice. Ho ho ho… Happy holidays!

Ho ho ho... Santa made out of rice

Ho ho ho…  Santa made out of rice

Now click on the button below to hop over to Amanda of FoodFamilyFun. Have fun hopping!



20 thoughts on “Holiday Ho Ho Hop

  1. This is absolutely awesome! I love everything Santa and you delivered the lunches so well. I would have to duplicate this at home and show my kids. They would love it, and I’d tell them it was inspired by YOU! Love it.

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