International Fake Mustache Blog Hop

It’s International Fake Mustache Day on 3 Feb, and I am joining my fellow bento bloggers in a blog hop to celebrate our mustache-y lunches!

First of all, I couldn’t resist doing a Moostache snack! The moose is cut out from a moose cookie cutter I got from Ikea, and I made a toasted peanut butter sandwich using pita bread out of it. Pita bread was used as it was the only bread large enough for the moose cutter! His mustache is cut freehand using chocolate bread, letters using cheddar cheese.

Cute snack bento for kids. Moostache snack bento - moose with a moustache. Made with pita bread and peanut butter

Moostache snack bento

On to their lunches, I don’t have a name for these characters thought. They were inspired by a picture I saw online of a little Pomeranian who had glasses and a mustache Photoshopped onto him. My version is made using hard boiled eggs, they wear little top hats and mustaches cut out freehand using nori. Z2’s version was done in a more girly version using sunglasses, Z1’s version has glasses cut out using ham.

Cute lunch bento for kids. Moustache (mustache) lunch bento - girl themed. Made with hard boiled eggs and nori, top hat and sunglasses decoration

Mustache lunch bento – girl themed

Cute lunch bento for kids. Moustache (mustache) lunch bento - boy themed. Made with hard boiled egg and nori, top hat decoration

Mustache lunch bento – boy themed.

Now hop along toΒ Obento Momma to check out her fun mustache lunch!



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