Star Wars Blog Hop

May 4th is Star Wars Day! (May the force –Fourth– be with you!) I am joining my bento bloggers for a blog hop today, and we have two hops! Here is my contribution to the hop:

Star Wars onigiri bento. Darth Vader and Storm Trooper

Star Wars onigiri bento lunch – Darth Vader and Storm Trooper

I made two triangle onigiri wrapped with nori, one for a Storm Trooper and one onigiri mixed with ground black sesame to create Darth Vader. His light saber is made of crabstick.

Hop on along to Becoming a Bentoholic to check out her Star Wars lunch, or click on the Dark Side button below.

Bento Bloggers and Friends Dark Side blog hop

And once you have  hopped through all our lunches on the Dark Side, be sure to check out the other hop Way of the Jedi by clicking on the button below:

Leave the Dark Side to Jedi Way blog hop


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