Green Lantern bento

This is the last of my superhero series of bentos for now, as I have other bentos I would like to make. Today we have Mickey Mouse dressed up as the Green Lantern. This is based on the Hal Jordan from the movie The Green Lantern which was released in 2011.

Mickey is made of onigiri and wrapped with boiled xiao bai cai (Chinese cabbage) for his suit and mask, and nori for Mickey Mouse’s details. The symbol on his chest as well as the ring on his right hand are made with cheese and nori.

I was rushing to get a photograph of this as it was getting dark, so I had to stir-fry the veggies after this picture was taken.

Mickey Mouse Green Lantern superhero bento | Bento Days

Mickey Mouse Green Lantern superhero bento

And have a good weekend everyone! This is the end of my superhero series for now, check back next week for something new!


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