Teddy bear bread buns

Hi there! Hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend! I’ve been busy with the kids’ work this week ever since school reopened, and spending my Sunday afternoon clearing homework with the two older kids. Thought I would take a break from nagging at my eldest boy to finish his work and quickly type a blog post.

There are several food art ideas I am working on recently, but thought I would finish making them all before I blog about it, so that I can consolidate into one blog post. In the meantime here are some cocoa teddy bear pull-apart bread buns I baked before our trip.

Teddy bear bread buns

Teddy bear bread buns

The features are piped on with chocolate and my kids had these with their choice of spread (jam for my daughter in the above photo) and some fruits.

I won’t be posting any more Easter food art for this year, there was one more I attempted earlier this week but it did not turn out nicely. I did share it on my Instagram account though, but I’ll try to redo it next year.


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