Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori Curry Food Art

Hi everyone, so sorry I have not updated my blog for the last 2 weeks. Have been extremely tired recently, and also super busy helping the older two kids with their school work. I’ve not found enough time and energy to make bento and food art as often as I would like to. Have so many ideas but no time and energy to carry them out! In any case, do follow me on my Instagram account as I update my food art more regularly there.

I have not utilized my rice moulds much in the last one year. Recently I dug out my Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori rice moulds and used them when I made Japanese curry meals. I love Japanese curry and if I could eat it almost everyday I definitely would!

Rilakkuma Curry food art bento

Rilakkuma Curry food art bento

In the above lunch which I made a few weeks back, I added teriyaki sauce to the rice to tint it brown. Super yummy when paired with the Japanese curry!

Kiiroitori Curry food art bento

Kiiroitori Curry food art bento

I made this Kiiroitori curry meal a few days after the Rilakkuma one. I added a skewer of Kiiroitori quail eggs, which I tinted yellow by soaking in a mixture of turmeric and water.

Heading off to bed, partly because I am really tired and also because these pictures are making me very hungry at midnight! Ha ha! Have a great weekend everyone! I will be back next week with more food art updates!



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