Mother’s Day bentos

It’s Mother’s Day today, Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

Here are 2 of the bentos I made this week for Mother’s Day. Firstly is a hen and chick somen, somehow whenever I think of Mother’s Day, I will think of a hen and chick! The yellow somen is yuzu somen that I bought in a Japanese supermarket last year. I always love having cold somen with lots of spring onions and dipping sauce.

The hen’s wings are cut from hanpen (Japanese fishcake), and I added two little rice puffs for the cheeks.

Hen and chick bento for Mother's Day

Hen and chick bento for Mother’s Day


I also made a Rilakkuma bento, where Rilakkuma is holding a bouquet of edible flowers for Mom. I cut the flowers out from tomatoes and skewered them together.

Mother's Day bento

Mother’s Day bento


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