Halloween Bentos

Happy Halloween! Just got home from work today, and thought I should update all my Halloween food posts tonight. I did not make as many as I thought I would though.

Here is this year’s version of Jack and Sally Skellington, from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington is made of rice and nori, and Sally Skellington made with rice, nori, carrots and aburaage. I would have liked to do a more detailed version of her patchwork dress but ran out of time.

Jack Skellington Halloween bento food art

Jack Skellington Halloween bento food art


Next here is a PacMan food art I made for the kids to play eat. I used M&Ms in Halloween colours (yellow and orange), and the kids probably ate one for every one that they helped to place on the board. The ghosts, PacMan and maze pieces are made of bread and cheese.

Halloween PacMan food art

Halloween PacMan food art

And lastly here is a Graveyard Pasta. I made aglio-olio squid ink pasta, with beef patty tombstone, cherry tomato pumpkins and a skeleton made using quail eggs.

Graveyard Pasta

Graveyard Pasta


Have a great Halloween weekend trick or treating!


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