Neko Atsume bentos

Sorry for the long absence, have been ridiculously busy. I do try to update food art posts almost daily on my Instagram, so do follow my Instagram account if you would like to see more frequent updates. I will be flying out tomorrow for almost two weeks, will update my blog again when I am back. I will be sharing some back logged posts on Instagram while I am away though.

Have you played the cutie cat game Neko Atsume? I used to love this game, up til when I changed my phone and  I didn’t want to restart the game from scratch.

I made a couple of bentos based on my favourite rare cats. Here is Tubbs in my pasta salad. Tubbs is made from a hardboiled egg, and in the game he eats up all the food when he arrives!

Tubbs - Neko Atsume bento

Tubbs – Neko Atsume bento

And here is Lady Meow Meow (based on Lady Gaga) and Guy Furry (based on the chef Guy Fieri). I added some sides of fried chicken (my kids love the chicken even though the marinade is slightly spicy), stir fried french beans and some peppers.

Neko Atsume  bento

Neko Atsume bento



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